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Philips remote controls goes beyond Televisions

Philips is a Dutch based electronic manufacturing company that has been evolved from a local electronic maker to one of the leading global marketers and certified expertise on the technological advancements of today’s world. In a world with such a restricted market penetration in the world of technological advancements due to highly competitive manner, Philips has made a firm position for itself not only in health care, lighting and home appliances but also in electronic devices as small as a remote control to as large as a 60” Televisions screens. A remote control was introduced as a component of a television for the first time in the common mass in the late 1900s after great evolution and years of research. Remote control was introduced by Nicola Tesla in the 18 century. Ever since its introduction and use of application, it has developed and evolved over centuries to become the remote control that we use in today’s world. 

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Philips Remote

Using AC remotes:

The introduction of remote controls to all sorts of home appliances like DVD players, sound systems and even Air conditioners led the electronic company to a great deal of benefit as customers were in the impression of a new technology back when it was introduced using infrared waves. It showed consumers a great deal of convenience and comfort this technological advancement brought with itself and thus Philips was one of the first major high-end competitors in the field of electronics to excel in this manner.

Introduction to remote controlled lights:

Philips owning its major workforce in the lighting division and generating the second most revenue from its light solutions and lamps led the company to take the division a step further and introduce lights and lamps controlled with remote controls for operation. This proved quite beneficial and innovative for the company as it turned out to become quite famous among the common mass.

Current Status:

Currently, Philips manufactures all sorts of remote controls for its electronics from all major home appliances to some of its lighting solutions. The remote control in lighting solutions had a setback due to the introduction of motion sensors to save energy and conserve electricity.

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