Philips Remote Control - 2

Philips Remote Control innovating technology

Philips is a Dutch based electronic company and a global market leader in expertise and development of technology based electronic products around the world operating within 60 countries. Philips has long operated in the field of consumer electronics and lighting since the 1800s till the present time innovating technology for the benefit of mankind and to make lives easier. Philips remote controls is one such innovative production by the electronic company introduced right after introduction of television to the common mass in the 1900s that quickly made place in the lives of mankind as an essential part and has been revolutionized from just changing channels to the much complex remote controls of today.

Philips Remote Control - 2
Philips Remote Control

Use of Infrared Waves:

After the earlier use of remote controls using ultrasonic tones using control codes and usually referred to a specific product line, Philips revolutionized its remote control systems by the use of infrared waves to transmit digital codes like tuning, volume, temperature set point and changing channels for television. Soon, universal remote controls were being manufactured that would work on any television for much convenience. In the contemporary world, Philips remote control has evolved from just being used for televisions to operate lightings to DVD and Blu-Ray players and even security systems and is also being used in operating automotive functionalities.

Introducing new designs:

Philips remote control has evolved over the recent years from just infrared waves transmitting digital codes to Bluetooth connectivity to motion sensor based operation and some products even hold the functionality of voice control and gesture controls in remote control systems. Many versatile and vibrant designs have been introduced over the ages to attract consumers of all kind and maintain the major market share globally.

Current Position:

Currently, Philips remote control has taken a great further step into technological advancement of today as the world of smartphones and everything smart has arrived. Philips launched its remote control Application on the android based platform so that the consumer can use their own smartphones to operate their home appliances like LCDs, LEDs and even Split ACs too.

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