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Though most of us might find it quite awkward to use radios in these modern times, but radios are as popular as ever .And one of the most notable names in this area is Philips .With all its modern designs based upon digital systems, its radios are as popular as ever. It has truly been affecting lives and innovations for generations even today when the world has seen mobile phone.


First started in 1927, it has been taking huge leaps in the field since then. It was equally operational during the world war. And now, the company has taken new steps to reclaim its former glory again.

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Philips Radio

Products range:

It has wider range of home audio systems such as wireless speakers, radio and alarm clock, docking station and so on. And its Internet radio is really a good choice nowadays. From its pocket size Philips MW/FM radio with digital display to all these latest internet based radios with hi-fi sound systems including the stylish radio alarm clock which does wake you in time, Philips has a range of products for everyone. And most of these products come at a really good price range.


The products do have a really great display with built in speakers to enjoy your favorite radio stations at amazing sound quality. The built in clock function keeps accurate time and its alarm does welcome your morning with your favorite radio station. The wifi radios in its arsenal are a great way to enjoy all those internet radios in a great way. Philips radios are all about delivering all those cutting edge technologies at a great value over money. Its latest NP2900 is a market icon with wifi radio and a great graphical interface for the users. It can actually stream sounds from a variety of sources which can make a radio bigger and better than ever.

With its screen serving as a candy for eye , it has established itself as a great functional tool – that is something to look forward for when you are buying a new radio for you and maybe a great deal to expect in future.

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