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Philips VoIP Phones: Enjoy the cost effective international calls

Searching for a VoIP telephone for your home? Go for the Philips Messenger Phone. The telephone guarantees you energizing components and heaps of fun at home with universal calls getting genuine savvy.

Windows Live Messenger Facility:

The double DECT VoIP 433 telephones from Philips, is a standout amongst the most mainstream and exceedingly favored telephone crosswise over the globe. The best element that this telephone offers is – Windows Live (TM) Messenger. Windows Live (TM) Messenger empowers you to make free or shoddy calls furthermore permits you to dial or get ordinary phone approaches your landline. It is as basic as your standard ordinary telephone, with the special case, that it is a VoIP telephone with fascinating elements.

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Shabby global call Rate:

It is because of the Windows Messenger administration, that the telephone is increasing such an immense ubiquity. The inventive idea can really enable you to make and get calls through Windows Messenger – ABSOLUTELY FREE. What’s more, you thought you could just visit in Messenger! Making worldwide calls have now turned out to be extremely shabby as the rates of VoIP calls are much lower than the typical global calls.


Philips has dependably been synonymous with great quality and incredible components. This VoIP telephone is no special case. Aside from free calls to any place on the planet through Windows Live (TM) Messenger, there are additionally energizing elements like web calls, landline calls and what more, you can make both sorts of calls in the meantime on both handsets.

At that point there are components like Direct Windows Live (TM) Messenger key and automatic survey of contacts online. Establishment is likewise simple with only a straightforward attachment and play system. At that point you can likewise make calls to standard telephone numbers at less expensive rates, which is subjected to the rates as chosen by your administration supplier.

The telephone is additionally extremely easy to use as you can get to your whole contacts’ rundown just by squeezing the Messenger key.

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