Philips Hue Lux

Philips Hue Lux

In the event that you ve been looking at the Philips Tint joined lighting arrangement with unmistakable fascination but at the same time are unwilling to spend truckloads of money the present arrangement requests, now s your opportunity to get on load up: Philips has commenced pre-orders for the ToneTone Lux line of knobs, including individual units and a starter pack including two globules and a base. The Lux exchanges programmable hues at a less expensive cost tag, yet most purchasers won t miss the additional elements.

The cost


The Philips Tint Lux retails for . per knob, which is a large portion of the cost of the standard Philips Tone and Tone Downlights and Spotlights. The Starter Unit retails for . U.S., which is less expensive thanthan the starter pack for the standard shading evolving knobs, though with one less globule included in the pack. The exchange off is that they just present a delicate white light, which isn t variably, yet all other Tone componentscomponents are incorporated, including times, geofencing, scene similarity with other Tone applications and remote brilliance control.

The brightest light

The Lux is a lumen globule at max splendor, which is generally proportional to a watt glowing light. The first TintTint and the Tone Downlight produce Lumens and Lumens individually, so hypothetically, you re getting brighter light here, however the milder light may seem less brilliant than a more unadulterated white you can escape from the movable rest of thethe extent.

A decent choice

By and large, the Hue Lux is a decent choice for those hoping to supplement their current Tint setup with knobs for their work area and floor lights, and for different establishments where they simply require essential lighting without all the extravagant additional items like shading changing in a state of harmony with media playback. In the event that you consider the way that you can pack out a kitchen of six overhead attachments for rather than , that is going to have a major effect. The Lux knobs additionally utilize percent less power than a conventional brilliant globule, and ought to last a ton longer, as well, with assessed life compass tapped at years, adding to the general quality suggestion.

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