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4 different types of Philips light bulbs you should know about

A Dutch technology company is considered as a world’s one of the most important company in the tech field. Philips has been producing products for people better lifestyle and their welfare. Besides electronics, this company gets huge revenue from its lightning product. They are famous for the quality they have been providing in the lighting products. They are one of the leading companies in this field. Their lightning products are energy efficient, eco-friendly and help to enhance the beauty of the environment. Different types of Philip bulbs available on the market are: Led Bulbs, CFL bulbs, Halogen light bulbs and Fluorescent tubes.

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Philips Light Bulbs

Led Bulbs: These bulbs use the latest technology called LED (Light Emitting Diode). These bulbs are more energy more efficient than the other kind of bulbs. The main attraction of the Philips LED bulbs are, they have a unique body design and is budget friendly. Their design is very irregular if compared to other LED bulb and, are beautiful and stunning. They give a greater cost reduction and can be found in different size and shapes which will help you make your living environment beautiful.

CFL Bulbs: These light bulbs use the principle used in other fluorescent lightings. They were designed and developed for energy efficiency. Philips light bulbs have a long life if compared to others. They produce a soft white light which is comforting to your eyes. It does not give much restrain to your eyes. They are low in cost compared to LED tech bulbs. They are also available in different shapes and sizes.

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Philips Light Bulbs

Halogen Bulbs: These bulbs are the old fashioned bulbs that are not much energy efficient. But Philips halogen light bulbs are made to be energy saving compared to other bulbs. They produce bright white light and are fully dimmable. But they do not have a long life like other traditional halogen bulbs.

Fluorescent tubes: Philips fluorescent tubes are more environmentally friendly lighting in comparison to other lighting products. They do have a long life period and is energy saving. So this can be your ultimate choice if you are an eco-friendly person. They are also available in different designs.

So depending on your need, you can buy any of these Philips lighting product. One thing that you don’t need to worry about is the quality because Philips is

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