Philips Lamps going Modern

Philips Lamps going Modern

Ever since the world started revolutionizing in every aspect of life in the st century, technological advancements in the field of electricity and lighting didn t go unnoticed too. Over the ages, the development of the bulb has been revolutionized in many ways from more glow to energy efficiency toto much bigger lights with vibrant and versatile designs. Philips is one of the most innovative and technology driven electronic company across the globe operating within countries for now. Philips lighting has been designated as one of the three divisionsdivisions of Philips which has been working for decades now to revolutionize lighting and its accessories to its utmost capability. The introduction of Philips Lamps is one such technology driven electronic device introduced.

Going Energy Efficient:

Philips started replacing thethe traditional light bulbs with the all new phosphorous based white light bulbs and fluorescent tube lights to conserve electricity making these tube lights and bulbs energy efficient enabling the electricity bill to cost less. This phenomenon of energy efficientefficient products arose due to the awareness of excessive use of fossil fuels to make electricity which increased the demand of the new Philips lamps substantially.

Introduction to LED Lamps:

In the st century where everything was going digital andand the introduction of nanotechnology and different circuit boards led to the introduction of Light Emitting Diodes. These LEDs were used in a way by Philips to manufacture and introduce LED lamps that not only consumed a far lesser amountamount of electricity to run but was also cheap to produce and maintain. The LED lamps are becoming an essential part of every household these days due to its cheap availability and maintenance. Philips LED lamps hold the majority of the market share of the global lighting market across countries.

Current Status:

From the conventional bulb manufacturing company of Philips to the multinational company producing LED lamps across the globe and providing innovation and technology at a cheap cost to every household is what Philips initiative is these days. Currently, Philips has the major market share of lighting products and lighting electronics across the world and plans to make a major demand in the market through its innovative LED lamps and their versatile and vibrant designs.

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