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Make your room dazzle with4K Ambilight Philips TV

Philips is the renowned name in the electronics field. It has made it comeback with the smart TV named “4K Ambilight Philips TV” with varieties of functionalities. It comprises of wide varieties of unique features such as 3D technology, smart functionalities, HD panels that support maximum connectivity options. The very smart television comes with wide range of unique features and is viewed as the reliable cost effective product.

Designs: when you first give a glance to this Ambilight Philips TV, then it will look as simple LED TV having plastic bezels and rectangular frame of black colors. Bottom lip contains brushed metal coat with LED light and the spot of Philips branding. You can notice that bezels are not wide enough so that it creates better stability. Total thickness is just about 39 mm. There are HDMI ports, headphone ports, antenna port, VGA port, audio port and ethemet ports that give better flexibility to the television. There is unique remote control known as “smart text” with set of alphanumeric and navigation keys.

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Philips Ambilight Tv

Performance: you can use satellite boxes and Videocon boxes can easily support contents of 4K with refresh rates about 60Hz. But it has its unique feature that it can broadcast excellent view even in the low refresh rates. It has excellent sharpness, great contrast, vivid colors that can provide spectacular view. It is the full HD with wonderful brightness level and there is absence of motion trails. Likewise, there is an effective up scaling engine. Such features assist in making overall view of TV quite enjoyable. Moreover, such features look livelier at the dark room. It can make your experience more extraordinary.

Features: this LED Philips Ambilight has ultra HD, micro dimming, digital motions and ultra image enhancement features. It can support stereo type sound system and about twenty watt speaker. It can also be connected using analog cable with external speakers. There is Ambilight backlighting with LED lamps that can emit vibrant colors and makes screen look terrific. There is a dual core processor and proprietary type operating system that can further support internet connection using Ethernet and Wi-Fi. There are many preloaded apps like web browser, you tube and other access to app stores.

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