Smart TV Solution of Panasonic Viera

Japanese company Panasonic is always forefront with its new idea and innovation for designing the TV, over the years. After putting an official end over the production of Plasma TV s, it s been giving priority to the production of LED, K production and OLED

Basic Design of Panasonic:


Panasonic is one of the leading brands that have been designing affordable TV s since decade. At first sight while seeing this new Smart TV, you will find no difference from My Home Screen Smart interface. After hitting the homehome button on remote control, you will see actual difference based on its features. You will find the customized or personalized home screen by different family members and the way different dialog box has been used in it.

Glimpse ofof Key Features OF Panasonic Viera

Smart Viera is a title given to the new smart TV solution of Panasonic. This TV s are generally built-in with the Wi-Fi module so one can connect easily to wireless network. It hashas made the consumer easy to access their favorite shows since the content of TV can be accessed anywhere from the world globally.

Recently, it also allows surfing the web and use of different popular apps like Twitter, You Tube.


Key Advantage

One of the main advantages of this smart TV is that it can be personalized as per the individual member of house by the help of the home screen. It can be learned from the scratchscratch and allows to manage the interface by making the prominent use of different apps.

Another key feature of Panasonic Viera is Swipe and Share which offers to transfer the different content of the TV to smartphone as well as from smartphone to TV too. It needs a specific app to carry out this feature. Similarly the Mirroring feature allows to display the content of smartphone on TV screen wirelessly.

Some Panasonic Viera model also come with in-built camera providing the facility of face-recognition as a result it can easily tell who is making use of the TV at the right moment. Along with that some of the TV also come with voice recognition facility.

My Stream facility provides a better way of presenting the results although Panasonic is not the first brand introducing the recommendation /learning technology.

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