New Smart TV solution by Panasonic: Smart Viera

New Smart TV solution by Panasonic: Smart Viera

Over the years, Japanese company Panasonic is always at the forefront for designing the TV. It has put an official end to the manufacturing of plasma TVs and will be focusing on OLED, LED and K production
Smart TV s of Panasonic: Key Feature

The smart TV solution ofof Panasonic is well known as Smart Viera. This TV s are built-in with Wi-Fi module so that it can connect to wireless internet network. In addition, it has feature of using TV anywhere that allows accessing the TV contentcontent from anywhere around the world

This TV presently offers a variety of facility like browsing of wed and use of different aaps like Skype, Twitter.

It can be personalized as per the house members through the use of homehome screens. This can be started from very beginning and helps to manage the interface of TV by making the use of aaps prominent.

It s another feature is Swipe and Share that allows to transfer the content from aa TV to smartphone or vice-versa with the help of a specific app. While the Mirroring features allows you to wirelessly display the content of smartphone on TV screen.

Some of the TV has new carry built-in camera with thethe facility of face-recognition so it can easily tell who is using the TV. In addition to that some of them have the facility of voice recognition.
Panasonic might not be the first brand providing the learning/recommendations technology onon its TVs but My Stream represent a better way of presenting the results.

Design of Panasonic Smart Viera

At first sight, we may think it has not much change in its design from its My Home Screen smart interface. Although after hitting the remote control s home button you will find the personalized home screens by the family members and the way tile box being used in it.

Best Buy of Panasonic:

Panasonic is one of the leading TV brand. It has price varying from affordable inch TVs costing around to premium -inch set models which may cost almost , . Recently, it has launched much more impressive models of new range that will leave you with thought why nobody built such TV before. wwcAmzAffProducts asin B UE M S /wwcAmzAffProducts wwcAmzAffProducts asin /wwcAmzAffProducts wwcAmzAffProducts asin B M SBCK /wwcAmzAffProducts wwcAmzAffProducts asin B VKSC /wwcAmzAffProducts

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