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Multinational Electronic Company Sharp Cooperation

Sharp Cooperation is one of the well-known companies for its electronic products. It is a Japanese corporation established in September 1912. It’s headquarter is situated in Abeno-Ku, Osaka, Japan.
Sharp Corporation has been investing on LCD panel since 2000. It is considered best for its production of 60 inch and larger panels. However after the financial crisis they have to switch to broadcasting digital TV since there was significant low demand for LCD panels developed by Japanese.

Products by Sharp Cooperation:

Different electronic productsdeveloped by the Sharp are audio-visual entertainment equipment, mobile phones, solar and LCD panels, projectors(video), air-conditioner, cash registers, microwave-ovens, flash memory, cash registers, CCD and CMOS sensors, printing device with multi-functions.

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Panasonic Viera Plasma

They introduced first commercial camera phone in market in November 2000. Lite Notebook PC, Sidekick 3, AQUOS flat screen television are its recent product.

They also produce different home appliances like microwave ovens, LCD televisions which are sold under the brand named as Aquos, home cinema, air purification system, calculators and fax machines.

Especially for the business market, it focuses on production of monitors and projectors and different laser printers and photocopiers. Also, Point of sale technologies and cash registers.

They are also the supplier of silicon PV solar cells and solar TV.

Environment Responsibility:

In November 2011, Sharp was ranked 11th position by Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener electronics who rank all together 15 electronics manufacturers as per the company practices, policies that focus on production of greener products and climates and remains committed to its operation. Greenpeace has summarized the Sharp cooperation environment record as “Sharp supports latest law for renewable technology in Japan but becomes unable to sustain its operation criteria efficiently”.

It always scores poor points in the category of Sustainable Operations, no points for management of chemicals due to improper maintenance of hazardous substance of supply chain. They have also lacked the proper initiatives needed to address the conflict materials issue and deforestation.


This cooperation is the main sponsor of renowned football club Manchester United from 1983 to 2000. It is considered as the most lucrative and longest sponsorships deals in the history of English football.
Recently, they have become main sponsor of UCI World Tour cycling team.

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