Panasonic launching its new plasma TV series

Panasonic launching its new plasma TV series

Panasonic Corporation is an electronic manufacturing company located in Japan that has risen up to one of the leading electronic producers into the global market of today. Panasonic was found in as a local electronic producer and ever since its establishment, the enterprise entered the doorway to the international marketmarket employing a workforce of more than , employees across the globe. Reaching to complete a successful tenure of years, the company has gone through several revolutions and technological advancements in this hundred year timespan. The company specializes in electronicselectronics like televisions and home appliances of today.

Launch of the Plasma TV:

Panasonic is the leading television manufacturing enterprise globally which isis driven by technology keeps up with the trend to meet the needs of its consumers. The arrival of Plasma Televisions was a great step further as a technological advancement in the television product of the contemporary world. Plasma televisiontelevision become quite popular among the common mass especially the younger generations due to its sleek and trendy design and improved high resolution and high definition picture quality. It was only a matter of time that Panasonic adapts to thisthis advancement and launches its own Plasma TV series which the company did as the Panasonic VIERA Series.

Arrival of the VIERA series:

After the arrival of the plasma screen televisions across the globe and maintaining a major market shareshare of televisions in the international market. All major electronic companies launched their Plasma screen television series whereas Panasonic making it in front of the line to adapt to this change launched its VIERA series consisting of a diversified range of Plasma screen televisions ranging from inches to inches. The series became quite popular among the common mass due to its cheap cost, durability and high resolution.

Current Status:

This Plasma Televisions led to the introduction of the LCD Televisions by Panasonic and soon paved the way to the arrival of the light emitting diode Televisions commonly known as the LED TVs to the highly advanced televisions of today. Panasonic VIERA series is still in the trend in the contemporary world due to the company s early adaptation to any sort of technological advancement in the field of televisions.

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