SDR- H80 by Panasonic

SDR- H80 by Panasonic

SDR- H by Panasonic is a regular and approved- definition camcorder which has a GB hard drive for storage up to hours of the high quality MPEG- video. There is also an SDHC/SD card slot on the side for additional storage. Nonetheless, the main attraction of H is its absurdlyabsurdly long x zoom lens, which can get you a lot closer to your object when you are very far away. Gratefully, there is also optical image stabilization but actually, there is no amount of counterpoise and compensation which isis going to avoid the shaking of this lens when it is completely extended and it is all built in a very compact body. The only lacking that Panasonic left in this device is it cannot afford a better qualityquality for the H s price

Key features and specifications

The price of H SDR is about the range of .

The dimensions are: . inch x . inch x . inch

The weight ofof the camera along with media and battery is . ounces.

The storage capacity of the camera is GB hard drive in SD or SDHC card type.

It gives a resolution of K pixels from which K isis effective in the ratio of : - sensor type. The type is / CCD.

The LCD display size is . inches and gives a resolution of K dots.

The good about the product

It has manualmanual controls.

The hard drive has the capacity of GB

You can zoom up to x with the optical zoom feature with counterpoise

The Bad about the product

The video quality is only mediocre.

The USB and power input is given behind the battery which makes it inconvenient for usage.
The bottom line

The SDR- H by Panasonic has zoom power like a telescope and an ample storage in a small body. But the video quality is not very good. Overall, the product can be rated . / based on the following


Features /

Image quality /

Design /

Performance /

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