Convenience and taste, best fit for your kitchen

Convenience and taste, best fit for your kitchen

From an avid rice lover to an occasional consumer, everyone would want to keep a rice cooker at home. Based on their needs, they can be very convenient and helpful, to make your cooking experience pleasant. There are range of rice cookers which operate on slightly different logic and differdiffer in price accordingly. Panasonic is a trusted and tested brand which caters to consumers with products across price range and technologies

Type of Rice Cookers

There are conventional rice cookers. These operate with basic principle of a heating panpan which is placed below the bowl where rice is cooked. This is the most simple in design and portable. There are smarter variants which are fitted with microchips to control the cooking. These are known as fuzzy logic ricerice cookers. They are preprogrammed to cook rice in just about the way you want. They help to keep the exact amount of moisture in each grain, cook evenly and completely. There are also cookers based on induction heated bottom,bottom, which are useful for uniform cooking. Pressure cookers and glass cookers are also other not so popular but easier options for cooking rice. There are portable rice cookers which are not only easy to carry and microwave, they cancan also work as easy to carry devices for warming.

Panasonic Rice Cookers

Panasonic has received good user feedback as a simple and easy to operate rice cookers. They are also listed as among the best rice cookers available inin market. Panasonic has rice cookers which are conventional automatic ones and also those which work based on fuzzy logic. Most sold models are Panasonic SR NA range, G range in non-stick glass cookers, Panasonic SR DE, MS and DG range in fuzzy logic based cookers.

What to look for while buying a Rice Cooker

A cooker that fits your needs and budget is the one most suited. Access your needs by evaluating some basic features offered by cooker manufacturers. Check if timers, fuzzy logic and intelligent modes to cook multiple dishes are really required. Check the capacity. Lastly check if it fits in your budget.

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