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Projectors from Panasonic

Panasonic is well known for home theatres as well as for fixing the projectors in worship house, auditoriums, museums and lens option of auditorium. Lately, it has been focusing on DLP projectors production, providing number of models with multiple lenses with the lumens brightness up to 20,000 for all kind of application In addition; they too have portable projectors for classroom and business.

Projectors by Panasonic:

It produces a wide variety of projectors ranging from commercial projectors to portable projectors. It has been leading in the home theatre industry and for many years, produced award winning LCD projectors for home theatres as well. It also produces and has high demand for office projector from small to big, classroom projector. Its bestselling are 1080p and 720p projectors in United Stated.

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Panasonic Projector

Picture Quality of Projectors:

Almost all projectors offer Standard and Graphic modes calibration with same basic bright images. Meanwhile, the color saturation is high in all modes and there’s enough contrast for better picture quality. It provides fantastic clarity of picture with vivid color display, continuous and reliable operation of Lamp, multiple screen displays. Also curved surfaces projected by geometric adjustments.Y

Technology Being Used:

For different models focused for education and business, Panasonic seems to reduce the output of portable, small projectors. It is leading brand that leads the market of commercial projectors with respect to quality. They use DLP and LCD technology for their all models. They are also providing fixed-install projectors for lecture and conference hall and mobile projectors too.

Advancement of Panasonic Projectors

Among the wide variety of projectors by Panasonic, Panasonic PT-AT6000E follows its predecessor impressively. The most important enhancement is that it uses new red-rich lamp of 220W that can produce output up to 2,400 L which is overall 20 percent increase over its previous models i.e. PT-AT5000e. It can easily tackle the problem of brightness. It also has a significant effect on 3D pictures as well as 2D too. PT-AT6000E is a better choice for people who love watching movie in home. Since it is affordable as well as offers a promising quality of output.

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