Reasons for quitting production of plasma displays by Panasonic

Reasons for quitting production of plasma displays by Panasonic

Plasma display is very flat and thin display. It has been very popular since years. It provides more brightness than any other LCD and LED monitors. Small cells which are electronically ionized was added to plasma tv.
Some experts say that plasma displays won t last long days. DayDay by day the manufacturing companies are stopping to produce plasma displays. Last year Panasonic left producing plasma after gaining a huge loss from plasma sale. Now LG and Samsung can stop producing plasma displays. But Panasonic produced and distributeddistributed the best quality to the customers. Now the plasma display is in threat. There are some reasons for stopping the production of plasma by Panasonic.

Money: Money is the main fact for stopping the production of plasma displays byby Panasonic. Huge production decrease the cost of LCD and people run after LED.

Producing cost: As Panasonic provided the best performing quality to the users, so they had to make twice cost than any other manufacturing company. After allall they have to count loss for this plasma production.

Marketing strategy: Panasonic had to compete with other manufacturing company. But others manufacturing company didn t provide better quality as like as Panasonic. They produced plasma display with half ofof Panasonic s producing cost. At last Panasonic left stopping the production of plasma displays.

Marketing competition: Panasonic had to fight with other manufacturing company as like as pioneer, LG and Samsung. Panasonic is totally defeated with other companies andand had to leave production.

User s perception: Plasma display of Panasonic is only suitable for dark environment. User access LED than plasma displays.

Comparison with LED: As LED is cheaper than plasma displays people try to avoid the plasma displays. Not only that but also LED provides more features than plasma displays with reasonable price.

High price: As Panasonic hired high price for their products, most of the users are not able to buy Panasonic plasma TV with high price. But on the other hand other companies provide plasma displays with cheaper rate. But they didn t provide good quality at all.

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