Panasonic Lumix Dmc - 5

The best Camera Series you might get in market

If you are a photographer and want to find some good models of camera, then the Lumix series might just be the choice. Lumix is a series of digital cameras from Panasonic in which the devices range from a simple pocket model to high-end DSLR’s. Lumix was firstly released in the 2001 with cameras LC5 and F7. All these models are mainly produced in Japan. The DMC line has several models such as DMC-FX, DMC-FZx, DMC-FZxx, -G, -L,-LS, LX, LZ, TZ, ZS and others.

Present status:

With its Lumix series, Panasonic has been one of the best producer of travel compact cameras and with the releases of models like DMC-t270, it has really justified its post in the global market. On July 16, 2015 it has introduced a new DMC-FZ300 model which is equipped with 4K video format that is weather proof to some extent. This model might actually help to maintain its supremacy across other manufacturers.


The DMC series contains several breath taking features that has made it stand out amongst other brands in the market. Let it be the latest 4K technology or those auto focus technology before some years, it has always engaged the photographers with some quality blend of hardware and software. It has several models based for several aspects of photography. Other notable features in its models include Ultra zoom, stylish looks, sensors, and compactness and so on.

Furthermore it has also a wide range of price from cheapest DMC-LS series to all those latest lines.

User Friendliness:

Most of the cameras in this range have a great deal of care for the way a user feels while using a DMC series camera. Some of these models are small and even can be used one-handedly. The buttons on several models can be easily reached with your thumbs unlike other brands. Also the in-built user interface is also friendly across the entire series which gives a great benefit to users.

Though this series might have some demerits, but if you are a young photographer willing to try out something new, then the wider range of options from the DNC range might just help you pick one.

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