Different Panasonic series you should learn before buying one

Different Panasonic series you should learn before buying one

Panasonic is a Japanese electronics company, and is one of the biggest names in the world. Panasonic has touched and improved the lifestyle of lots of people with their product. Panasonic products reflect the necessity of the people. They have various electronic products like television, camera, batteries, mobile phones, cameracamera etc


Lumix are the digital camera produced by the Panasonic Company. So Lumix is Panasonic s brand for digital cameras. Lumix is a worldwide recognized brand in the sector of digital photography. Lumix uses Leica lenses. Leica lenseslenses are the lens assembled in Japan and designed by the German engineers optical engineers . Leica lenses are considered to be one of the top lenses like Carl Zeiss. Lumix is created by using the best products around thethe world. Their designs are also impressive and stylish since they are designed and produce by the best engineers. The photo quality has no points to argue with. Lumix camera ranges from digital SLRs to pocket point shots. Some ofof the latest models in the market are the DMC-FX, DMC-FZx, DMC-FZxx, DMC-G, DMC-L, DMC-LX, DMC-LZ etc.


The FX series of the Panasonic DMC cameras is known to be the stylish cameras. It is an ultra-compact, high endend camera. They produce a high quality images. They are produced targeting social photography. So if you want a stylish camera then it is the right option for you.

DMC- FZx and DMC FZxx

The FZx series are usually famousfamous for its extensive controls and its long range zoom whereas FZxx are bridge digital cameras. They have non-extending zoom lens and non-interchangeable lenses. They are mid ranged DSLR with a large body design. They are lower in cost compared to other mid-range DSLR.


The DMC-LS are the cheapest line camera. They are cheaper because of their plastic body design. They use two AA batteries. But they capture quality pictures. If you are searching for a cheap but good photo taking camera then it might be your choice.


They are the compact, high end cameras. They are expensive but have all of the best features. They have manual focus and exposure controls. For manual control they do not have the focus ring, but have the joystick control.

They have other varieties of cameras that will certainly meet your requirement. You can get all the series of Panasonic cameras on the electronics store or online.

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