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Capture your best shots while travelling with Panasonic DMC- TZ5

Panasonic is a leader in the field of electronic goodies. From televisions, phones to cameras they have been innovating and collaborating to incorporate high-end technologies in their products. They have been producing amazing range of cameras and camcorders. They have special series named for them, depending on the kind of features are available from the camera. They have come up with dozens of models in cameras to provide optimum picture quality and user friendly operations for the consumers. The different models include the LX, SZ, GH, FZ and TZ. Tz here stands for travel zoom, and includes major features which help in getting great pictures on the go.

Panasonic DMC-Tz 5

Panasonic DMC-TZ 5 is a successor in the Tz series from Panasonic. The first model in the series was launched in 2006 and had many versions which came up before TZ5, these included TZ1, TZ2, TZ3 and TZ4. Panasonic DMC-TZ5 has retained its huge zoom lens and small size like its predecessors which is the best part of this series. There are very few modifications done with the model TZ5, the have increased the sensor resolution and the screen resolution. The camera computing in TZ5 is now powered by VENUS IV which is the latest generation imaging engine from Panasonic. Another addition to the model is the HD video capability feature. It is priced well with the features involved. They have also come up with a TZ50 model which is similar to TZ5 but includes Wi-Fi which helps in direct connection to the browser and other sites like Picasa web albums.

enefits of Panasonic DMC-TZ5

There are many benefits of investing in a Panasonic DMC TZ5, they are:

– Light and compact design. Ideal for travelling

– 10x zoom capabilities to capture pictures from far distance while travelling

– Good price ranges

– Image stabilization

– Quick auto focus

– Metal body and chic look

– Many shooting modes

– HD video mode

– Quick start up

– Comes with accessories

– Auto red eye reduction

– Easy to understand menu operations

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