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Expanding the product line through Panasonic CR2032

Panasonic has been one of the most innovative and diversified electronic enterprise based in Japan that has started operating on a global scale to make this world a better place for everyone. From the slightest electronic object to the biggest of home appliances, Panasonic is the most renowned brand name as a global leader and a certified marketer and expertise over all sorts of electronics and devices. The company has evolved for over a hundred years up to date to become one of the sole representatives of technology and innovation in this world. Apart from electronics, Panasonic also offers Home Renovation Services as well. Panasonic is not only limited to just electronics or devices but they have also a gigantic product line in cells and batteries as well.

Panasonic Cr2032 - 1
Panasonic Cr2032

Panasonic’s work in batteries:

Panasonic has long worked in the line of cells and power batteries for a diverse range of purposes. The company has innovated and introduced cells and batteries for the smallest product like a watch to the biggest of battery operated electronics of today’s world. Panasonic has been quite famous in producing circular cells for watches and in some cases toys of children too.

Arrival of CR2032:

Ever since Panasonic became the first company across the globe to commence the production of the world’s first lithium based cells for electronic products in 1971, the company has introduced a whole set of product line in this manner too. The all new Panasonic CR2032 is one such example of a 3V lithium ion cell in cylindrical or a coin shaped outlook. The Cell has a capacity of 225 mAh with its dimensions of 0.79 length, 0.79 width, 0.79 diameter and a height of 0.13.

Panasonic Cr2032 - 2
Panasonic Cr2032

Current Status:

Currently, the coin shaped CR2032 is most commonly used to power all sorts of watches due to its standard size and battery output. It has a long shelf life of more than 10 years with a reliable wide range of operating temperatures from -30’C up to 60’C. There has been a decreasing trend in the sales of watches due to the arrival of smartphones which has in turn decreased the market of the CR2032 in the present world.


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