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Different types of Panasonic Batteries on the market

There are lots and lots of batteries around you. You may think all of them are similar but it is not like that. There are different quality batteries. Some batteries which have long life, which can produce power up to its capacity where are some tends to be doing so.


One of the largest Companies around the world is Panasonic, a Japanese multi electric company. Panasonic has been producing different kinds of electronic products. It has not been long Panasonic started its battery production. But they are producing one of the finest batteries around the world. They produce almost all kinds of batteries like 4.5, 9v, coins, chargeable, non-chargeable etc. Panasonic batteries can be categorized into primary and secondary battery.

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Panasonic Battery

Primary Batteries

Primary Batteries are referring to the non-rechargeable batteries. These are the disposable batteries. It includes simple types of batteries that can be easily used. These are easy to produce and hence are cheap. Panasonic batteries are more durable than others. Zinc Carbon and Alkaline Batteries, and Lithium Batteries are under the Primary categorized batteries. Lithium batteries include the coin type batteries (CR, BR-A and BR), cylindrical type (CR and BR), pin type (BR) and coin type (ML, VL, MT and MS).

Secondary Batteries

Secondary Batteries are referred as the rechargeable batteries. Panasonic rechargeable batteries can be found in various sizes and capacity. These batteries play a vital role in energy efficient society. You can use these batteries again and again by recharging it. It is a convenient way of using energy. These batteries are long lasting and outputs equivalent energy after recharging it. Different types of

batteries that fall under this category are Lithium-ion Batteries, VRLA battery for EV, Nickel Metal Batteries, and Valve Regulated in Lead-Acid Batteries, Ni-Cd Batteries, and Pin-Type Lithium Ion Batteries. Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries and Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries are the high power batteries. Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries are Infrastructure type batteries which are used for backup in houses and buildings.

Primary and secondary is not the way the company categorized it, but it makes understanding of batteries more effective. Panasonic batteries are used in from a toy to vehicle. They are one of the trustworthy companies who you can spend your money on. Panasonic batteries are easily available in stores and online too.

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