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Viera 3D TVs

Panasonic sells their TV sets under the brand name of VIERA. Viera TV sets come with Plasma and LED options. There are lot of options from Panasonic in 3D segment. Some of them are discussed here.

Panasonic USA

Panasonic is a Japanese consumer electronics company. Panasonic is the world’s 4th largest television maker. Panasonic Corporation of North America is Panasonic’s principal subsidiary in the United States. It is headquartered in New Jersey since 2013.

3D Televisions

3D televisions are televisions which show perception of depth and hence 3 dimensional images for viewers. Science behind this is to send two different moving images separately to left and right eyes. These are achieved either with glasses, or using auto stereoscopic parallax barriers.Sales of 3D television sets have grown exponentially. According one of the surveys sales of 3D TVs was at 40+ million units by end of 2012.

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Panasonic 3D Tv

3D TVs from Panasonic

There are numerous TVs from Panasonic. Panasonic offers 35 TV sets in Viera range. These come in sizes of 32 to 65 inch televisions. There are 15 models of 3D television sets in viera range, they come in both plasma and LED versions. Built in Wi-Fi and Smart TV features are new functionalities which come as beneficial. 3D TVs come in 65 inch, 50, 55, 45, 49 and 32 inch variants.

Panasonic 4K2K 3D 152 inch 3D television

World’s largest full HD plasma 3D TV was revealed by Panasonic recently. It has a mammoth unmatchable 152 inch display, which comes with 8 million pixel resolution. With the help of super-efficient quadruple luminance efficiency technology, it achieves brightness as good as normal full HD TVs, but in one quarter of its time.

Panasonic Plasma 3D Televisions

Over years, strong zone for Panasonic has remained in manufacturing large screen Panasonic Plasma TVs. Panasonic makes only plasma TVs which are larger than 42 inch wide. Panasonic ST60, VT60, VT50, Viera UT50, Viera VT 30, Viera GT 30, Viera ST30, Viera VT 25 are some 3D plasma models available. LED 3D television sets which are available from stores are, LE, E60 series, LE 64 series and WT60 series. All of these are mostly Smart TVs.

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