Removing and replacing the oven element

Removing and replacing the oven element

A heating element is such that it is supposed to be converting electricity into the form of heat with the help of a process of heating known as Joule or resistive heating. The electric current that is supposed to be passing from the element is such that it encounters thethe factor of resistance this results in the heating of a certain element. The Peltier effect is dependent on the current flow direction however, this process is independent of it, unlike the effect of Peltier.

More about heating element


In case of an electric stove, there are three kinds of heating elements in a lot of electric stoves. The types or kinds are surface burners, broil elements and the bake elements. Basically, the surface burner elements are such thatthat they can be in the form of coil, solid, ribbon or whatever. Normally a heating wire is consisted by all of these in which an electric current is used for the production of heat. The element of broil isis basically the element of heating that is supposed to be found at the oven top and is such that it produces a great heat to be used for the purpose of broiling. In the majority of cases for baking,baking, such an element is not always used and it is supposed to be providing only a small amount of heat, i.e. just ten percent. The element of baking is supposed to be found on the oven bottom. In mostmost of the ovens, it is such that they make use of both the element of baking and broiling.

Steps for removing and replacing the oven element

First of all, the manufacturer of the oven is to be identified. The model of new element must be matching with the older model. After that the power of the oven is to be turned off and the oven must be unplugged. The screws of the oven should be removed and the new element of oven should be installed after removing the previous. The oven should be tested and the screws should be tightened again.

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