Olympus Xz-1 - 6


Cameras are very important gadgets as they help to capture wonderful moments in still or video form. It is thus easy to look at the pictures and travel back to such moments and enjoy the moment once again. There are a wide range of cameras that have been produced over time. One of such cameras is the Olympus XZ-1. The Olympus XZ-1 camera is produced by Olympus.


Cameras predecessors were first been used in the 17th century. This history of cameras can however be traced to as early as the fifth century BC in China. This was the period, Mo Ti, a Chinese philosopher, observed that it is possible to form a focused and inverted image in a pinhole. He noticed this would be possible if light goes into a dark area through a hole. This led to the invention of a camera obscura in 1620. The first permanent picture from a camera was however produced by Joseph Niepce in 1826. Geroge Eastman was however the first person to use photographic film in cameras and invented Kodak. A Kodak engineer by the name Steven Sasson was also the first person to develop a digital camera in 1975.


Olympus Corporation was founded on the 12th of October 1919. Their headquarters is located in Shinjuku, which is in Tokyo Japan. They produce a wide range of electronics which include precision instruments and machineries, medical endoscopes, voice recorders and cameras amongst others. Their slogan is ‘Your Vision, Our Future’ which implies that they are always conscious of electronics people desire and work towards inventing them.


The Olympux XZ-1 camera is a 10.0 megapixel camera which uses the Zuiko Digital lens. It also has a zoom lens with wide-angle capability and can be manually controlled. It uses the Olympus li-ion battery and weighs 275 grams without battery. It is manufactured in China and has a dimension of 110.6 x 64.8 x 42.3 mm. The camera which was manufactured in 2011 has a 3” OLED LCD display and uses secure digital card for storage. It has a maximum resolution of 3664 x 2752 pixels.

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