Nikon SLR review

Nikon SLR review

Nikon has been renowned for being among the best makers of cameras. Their cameras compete favorably with most of the high profile makers of cameras that are currently available today. In particular, they are able to compete favorably with Sony and Canon two giants of the camera making industry. EveryEvery year, Nikon brings to light a new camera brand which comes to replace the older version and to dismiss the misery left behind by the predecessor. Nikon s SLR series have been around for a great deal of time.time. Ever since they came on board, they have been able to provide the best camera performance that any camera can offer. Nikon s cameras first hit the scene in the late s. Since then, they have continued to advanceadvance in various areas including performance and ease of use. The current Nikon SLR is the one which hit the scene in the year , the Nikon D . Much of the attention of this review will be focused onon this device because it is the current stronghold of Nikon s camera market.

Compared to other versions

In general, there are very few variations among the current and the last two versions of the Nikon SLRs. This is mainlymainly because Nikon made very few changes to the current one and the one which preceded it. But, Nikon claims that there are a few differences that the users can easily notice. For example, the D and the D bothboth appear the same. However, Nikon claims that the D does not come with the anti-alias filter sensor for purposes of enhancing sharpness. Similarly, there is little difference between the D and the D . However, they have different viewfinder colors. On the other hand, the newer versions cost more than their previous versions.

What is really new if there is any

It is time to check whether the D actually has anything new that should make it different from its predecessor. The new features are the new picture control option, time lapse movies and NFC Wi-Fi.

Current availability

Currently, the D sells alongside the predecessor versions. However, it is more prevalent than its previous versions as more retail stores try to increase sales.

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