Nikon lens for your photo

Nikon lens for your photo

When it s a talk about compatibility, it s a talk about Nikon. Nikon has been a leader among cameras and lenses for many decades now. Be it newer or older lenses, all lenses are compatible with both newer and older cameras. What this means is that Nikon keeps onon with the previous lens features. The newest of lenses have long letters because of this reason. The AF lenses still have AI-s and F mount. From the huge number of available lenses how do you choose what s rightright for you and your picture

Nikon lenses are used by photographers of varying level of skills due to it s versatility and varying price range. Due to it s compatibility an availability choosing your own Nikon lens isis quite easy. The factors in consideration while choosing a lens are the lighting in the area, whether you want close-ups or distance shots and of course your budget.

For Portraits and Weddings

If you want a close-up object withwith a blurred background you need a lens sporting an f-number of . or less, the less the number, the more the blur. Lower f-number also translates to better detail in dim-light conditions, no flash required.

The choice here wouldwould be the Nikkor AF-S -mm f/ . G, which boasts a focal length of mm which can be increased to mm by mounting it on a DX. Another choice is the Nikkor AF-S -mm f/ . G, maximum apertureaperture f . .

For Action and Sports

Lenses that capture fast-pace action shot are also capable of capturing close-up wildlife shots. Lenses like Nikkor AF-S DX VR - -mm f/ - . G IF-ED use a function called telephoto zoon that is designed for detail oriented shots that are usually not seen in lesser lenses. It s perfect if you want a zoom in on wildlife.

The blur effect is played here just the same as portrait and wedding shots. A low f-number provider such as Nikkor AF-S DX VR - -mm f/ . - . G ED VR will enable the lens to capture enough light to blur backgrounds but also renders clear objects in the foreground.

For everyday photos

It s not a compulsion that each and every situation require a special lens. Lenses like Nikkor AF-S DX - -mm f/ . - . GED VR II works perfectly for your everyday photography and is fit for every situation imaginable. These are the more flexible lenses that carry a reasonable price.

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