Nikon D is a second full frame DSLR by Nikon. It was announced in and it takes D large FX format sensors. It is squeezed into D sized body. The camera is so much light and small. It is also cheaper than other cameras. All these basic things make itit a perfect choice for everyone. It is an excellent camera and provides high quality performance. Nikon has put the best technology they have in this phone.

Basic features:

The camera features a . megapixel sensor with a x .. mm area. It means that the camera is all set to produce high quality and wider images. Nikon fit lenses or smaller DX lenses can be used with the respective focal length. The camera is not able to catchcatch speed. In other words it can be said that it is a bit slow. It maintains a fast fps. The camera promises to give high quality and smooth images.


One of the noticeable things in this camera isis its amazing ISO range. The Nikon D covers ISO within normal range. The additional high and low level settings can be done. The additional settings use a bit shifting algorithm. Various settings allow you to capture high quality picturespictures and record amazing videos with less noise and distortion.

Overall performance and look:

According to the users, the overall quality and performance of this camera is best. It allows you to capture anything you want. It is perfect forfor everyone. It is super light weight and easy to use. It is very small and can be handled with so much ease. The overall look is stunning and stylish. When you hold it in the hand, it looks beautiful and elegant. There is one minor problem that it can t produce quality images in low light. Although the images are not that much blur but still they are not as good as they should be. The users have rated it out of stars and many professionals have given it the same rating.

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