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The D400 is really a new Nikon F-mount entry-level dslr, declared the descent of sixteen, 2006. When compared to its precursor, this D500, this D400 acquired a number of functions taken away, a couple of extra, and a price reduction: US$499. The D400x (released Drive 6, 2007) incorporates a 10-megapixel greatest image resolution, upward coming from 6 megapixels from the D500.


The D400 has been the first Nikon digital DSLR with no in-body emphasis device. Autofocus requires the employment of the Len’s with a built-in autofocus-motor.

Despite getting superseded by simply more recent products, this Nikon D400 maintained some substantial rewards. The idea enjoyed an extended generation operate which in turn eventually stopped in Drive ’09, immediately just before its advantages associated with its heir, this Nikon D3000.

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Nikon D400


The Nikon D400 has been less expensive than the Rule EOS 400D, this Pentax K110D, and also the Olympus E-400, and it is competitively cost versus high-end connect digital cameras (the D400 and also D400x do not need stay survey, unlike connect digitals). The D400’s modest size and also reduced price got appealing to point-and-shoot photography lovers moving up for their first digital DSLR, however it really does incorporate functions and also changes that may entice fans likewise.

Despite using a comparatively reduce image resolution to get a digital DSLR unveiled in 2006, this D400 kept some advantages more than it’s more recent competition such as Nikon D400x, D60, and also Rule Rebels. Since solely 6 megapixels usually are match on to the standard Nikon DX format sensor, this level of responsiveness of each one pixel is better.

Because of its hybrid electronic/mechanical shutter, this is actually feasible to help thumb sync this D400 further than it’s posted 1/500 greatest sync improve to help its greatest shutter swiftness associated with 1/4000. The D400x doesn’t write about that capability.


The D400 is lacking in the built-in autofocus device, so that solely Nikon lenses given along with AF-I, AF-S or even suitable emphasis magnetic motors can be utilized in autofocus method.

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