Nikon D is now a discontinued product. It was announced in and it gained so much popularity at that time. So let s go in the past and discuss about this amazing camera. Nikon D was overall a general purpose DSLR at an affordable price. Nikon D was less expensiveexpensive and that s what attracted the people.

Key features:

Nikon D comes with a megapixel DX format sensor. The size of the sensor is . mm x . mm. The storage media is SD card. It has a reasonablereasonable fps rate of . . The size of the screen is . inches in diagonal. Lithium ion battery is used in this camera. The approximate dimensions are . in x . in or mm x mm. The weight ofof the camera is grams or oz.


The overall performance of Nikon D is excellent. It has a good startup time. It is quite fast camera. It is responsive, efficient and reliable camera. The camera allows you to capturecapture fine quality images and record videos. The camera is very light weight and stylish. It is extremely easy to use and looks stylish and elegant. The overall look of the camera is excellent. It was one of the bestbest cameras of its time. You many think that these features are of no use nowadays but at that time Nikon D was a cool camera.


According to the reviews, this is an excellent camera. It has an overalloverall rating of . stars out of stars. More than percent of the users have given it stars. This huge rating clearly shows that this camera was loved by the people.


The price of Nikon D was USD when it was released. The price reduced a bit by time.


Although the camera is discontinued by the company nowadays but still you can find this camera at few of the electronics shop. You can also find this camera on many of the online stores. You may get this phone at a cheaper price nowadays.

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