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Bring Your Pictures to Life with Nikon D3X

Nikon is undoubtedly a world leader when it comes to digital cameras. Their cameras are preferred by professional photographers owing to the features and durability they offer. One of the masterpieces by Nikon is Nikon D3X, which follows in line with Nikon D3 and D700 cameras with full frame sensor. It is manufactured as an advanced version of Nikon’s D3S, which is known for its high ISP performance and an enhanced frame rate. On the other hand D3X offers an increased image detailing and resolution.

Let us get into the detailed features of the Nikon D3X.


Nikon D3X is a 24.4 megapixel DSLR camera that has a strong weatherproof alloy body construction. The camera also boasts a built-in vertical grip for enhanced safety. It is powered by the Nikon EXPEED engine that automatically corrects lateral chromatic aberration, lens distortion and vignetting. Moreover the Nikon D3X allows image rotation through playback menu and also in the cropping ratio of 5:4. It supports 14 A/D conversions and a 12 channel readout for seamless operations. It features a 3 inch, 922,000 pixel LCD monitor.


The camera offers a powerful combination of 14-bit per channel recording and an anti-aliasing filter to deliver the best pictures. Its color accuracy and enhanced dynamic range makes it a top pick among the other digital cameras. It has a 36 x 23.0 CMOS sensor and accepts sensitivity of ISO 100 to 1600, which can also be extended to 50 to 6400. The camera has a compact flash UDMA support and auto-focus tracking by color. Nikon D3X also features a gapless micro lens array plus an on-chip noise reduction. The camera offers extremely fast operations with power-up of 14ms, shutter-lag of 40ms and a black-out of mere 70ms.


The cost of Nikon D3X while it’s launching was $8000. As per the experts the digital camera is an advanced version of Nikon D3S and at this cost, you can buy almost two D3S. The only major difference between D3X and D3S is the advanced lighting setting. The increased cost this small change makes the camera too expensive according to the professionals. The camera is also $1000 more expensive than its competitor Canon EOS 1Ds Mark 3.
Though the cost of Nikon D3X is on the higher end, many professionals do prefer it over any other camera. If you want more information about its attest cost and other specifications, you can easily search about it on the internet or visit a local store to have a first-hand experience of the digital camera.

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