A short review about Nikon D3S

A short review about Nikon D3S

The Nikon D S is a more advanced successor of the Nikon D camera that has refined features of the D rather than completely changing the already successful formula.

The features and design of Nikon D S

The appearance of the Nikon D S is almost identical to the previousprevious D with some little surprises. The camera features a -inch , -dot screen that is similar to that of the D camera and performs its job well. The D S weighs lighter than the D which is grams moremore in weight. The D has a new - mm VR II lens that is attached to the camera.

In this version of camera the user can use three different modes for photo crop- . x, : and DX thatthat are found in the viewfinder. The crop modes would reduce the size of the file yet the photographer can make use of these amazing effects and also the different non-FX lenses.

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The most interesting enhancements made in the new Nikon D S are not those that are included in the specifications of the camera. These improvements can be noticed and experienced by the photographer when using the camera. TheyThey are the things such as the soft-touch AF-On button, the new live view button, etc. In this camera these options are not present on the dial as in the previous models but they are located near the LCD screen. This new enhancement is to enable more convenience to the user as he can press the button to easily gain access into live view instead of moving the dial and also to enable a quiet or silent shutter or other features when the live view is active in the shooting.

The sensor in the Nikon D S has undergone a complete makeover and is not the same sensor that was present in the D model. It features the Canon EOS D Mark IV s -megapixel sensor which provides a kind of resolution that you will need for the studio work.

On the whole, the all new Nikon D S is an incredible performer which has almost all the same specifications as the previous model of D with a little more enhancements added to the D S.

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