Nikon D300S - 3

Features of Nikon D300S

The camera of Nikon with a model D300S is supposed to be having about 12.3 mega pixels and has a DX format. The Nikon D300S is supposed to be a DSLR. DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex. It was announced in the month of July in the year 2009. The model D300 is supposed to be replaced by it. Some of its features are similar to the features of Nikon D700. The resolution is supposed to be the same in both the cases. There is feature added in this model of Nikon, i.e. the recording of video with focus that is done automatically. The other thing is that the camera has such a sensor that is supposed be high-density and smaller.

Features in detail

The Nikon camera with model D300S is supposed to be having 12.3 megapixel formats and has a CMOS sensor. The processor of video is supposed to be having a processing speed of either 12 bits or 14 bits. There is a 720p mode for movie and the movie is made with an automatic focus. The camera is able to be using apertures that are supposed to be small. There is a controller for sound that is optional and the options can be changed manually. The movie that is made from the camera can be edited afterwards. There are other options as well that include the D-lighting

and such options that are considered to be extra active and high. There can be a correction automatically for the aberrations that are supposed to be chromatic for JPEGs. There are different tools for the correction of data and the data that is to e corrected is stored in the files that are considered to be raw.

More about Nikon D300S

The menu of the camera is supposed to be expanded for the retouch. The unit of shutter is tested up to about fifteen lac cycles. There is also a mode for shutter that can be turned on or off as desired. The horizon of the camera is supposed to be virtual. There are a lot of other functionalities as well.


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