The Nikon D3000. A professional’s camera also for the casual photographer

The Nikon D3000. A professional’s camera also for the casual photographer

As far as camera s and photography goes, a few firms fight it out to stay on top. Most of these being Japanese by the way. Nikon is one such manufacture and from Japan no less. With many market beating products, The Nikon D seems to follow the trend. ThisThis with its many features that even though suited for a professional photographer, is easy enough to use for the individuals that take photos for fun and leisure.

The Technology behind it.

The Nikon D is a digital SLR cameracamera the full meaning of the word being Digital Single Lens Reflex. Essentially what this technology does is use mirrors to direct light from the lens to the viewfinder. The view finder being the hole at the back of thethe camera that you look through to see what you are capturing when taking a picture.


The Nikon D though an upgrade of the previous models is easier to use than the D , D x, and D models.models. This being the intention of Nikon while making it, it was achieved by among other things:

Having a minimalist design.

Stripping down the exterior of excess control buttons.

Having a mostly screen driven interface. As wellwell as,

Having a new user guide mode.

The other features include:

A . mega pixels DX format CCD sensor. With this comes spectacular image quality with breathtaking prints of up to x . It also has a highhigh resolution LCD monitor. This ensures degree wide-angle viewing. Making picture review as well as sharing easier. An point autofocus system ensures razor sharp results while taking photos. The camera also has an Active D-lighting feature for shooting in high contrast conditions. This comes in handy when shooting in dark and shadowy conditions as it helps restore and enhance the picture.

All things considered, this is a really amazing camera, for its price, a new one with all its accessories going for ESP . Cheaper used models also exist if you know where to look. The camera promises exceptional results even in challenging situations that involve low lighting.

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