Nikon D2X Review

Nikon D2X Review

About Nikon
Nikon Corporation also known as Nikon is a Japanese multinational corporation that is headquartered in Tokyo. The company is specializing in optics and imaging products. The company deals in the products like cameras, lenses, microscopes etc. The company was established years ago on July . The companycompany is creating quality of products for their customers. The company is producing Nikon D X camera, which is known as the pioneering photographic filmmaker.

Nikon D X Review

The Nikon D X was released fourteen years ago thatthat specially deals in digital photography. The Nikon D X was announced in month of February . The camera provides an innovative technology and offers a . mega pixel camera.

The Nikon D X camera is created for the professionalprofessional photographers who need a solid and a responsive camera that can be used in both day and night conditions. The person has to pay a premium price for the camera, however, he or she is ensured to get anan all-rounder camera.

The Nikon D X, as mentioned earlier, comes with a . mega pixel camera that is well suited for professional photography, as it uses lenses for distortion free capture. The camera has a high-resolution module, which seemsseems to represent that of a DSLR. The Nikon D X can save images in DX format, owing to the CMOS sensor that is manufactured by Sony. The Nikon D X has the ability to resolute images up to aboutabout nine times i.e. x zoom. The camera can focus on the area faster and accurately thanks to the sensor used. The camera has the ability to take five shots continuously at eight frames per second. The camera uses Compact Flash technology. To power the camera, one will need to juice up the battery through an AC wall brick. The D X is manufactured for the professional users, the current model i.e. D X being a replacement for the older generation.

Other Improvements

Some improvements made over the previous models are:

. Automatic viewfinder with crop mode.

. Additional ISO steps between and .

. Improved auto focus.

. Increased frame rate capacity to frames in a continuous shoots.

. Ability to save and load the camera settings from memory card.

. High capacity battery that is rated to , snaps per charge.

. -degree viewing angle.

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