Nikon Coolpix A Series

Nikon Coolpix A Series

At present age, Nikon Corporation is the very common and popular name of the camera world. Nikon Corporation is a multinational corporation of Japan which is known as Nikon. Nikon Corporation is a specialized company of imaging and optics products. In the camera world, Nikon Corporation grabs a good position.position. Therefore, if you want to buy a compact camera at first come in your mind Nikon Coolpix series name.

The series of Nikon Coolpix

The Nikon Coolpix is the name of Nikon digital compact camera series which isis the product of Nikon Corporation. In Nikon Coolpix series there several model includes with different features such as travel zoom, super zoom, waterproof or rugged, miniature compact, and many more. Nikon Coolpix series designed their Coolpix line five differentdifferent lines. There are Nikon Coolpix A series, Nikon Coolpix all weather series, Nikon Coolpix life series, Nikon Coolpix performance series, and Nikon Coolpix style series.

Here by this article we are going to discuss Nikon Coolpix a compact cameras.


Nikon Coolpix A series:

Nikon Coolpix A series is the new champion series of the Nikon Corporation. At this time, this is the best point and shoot camera. You can enjoy maximum features of this series. We cancan say it this is the best experience of point and shoot camera. Nikon Coolpix A series is an incredible compact camera for its mind blowing features. Nikon Corporation tries to provide maximum features to their customers by this AA series.

Specifications of Nikon Coolpix A series

Nikon Coolpix A series has a great APS-C compact lens with a mm equivalent and F . . It gives you a higher quality of an image from your compact camera. By this, you get DSLR camera taste. In this camera used . MP DX-format CMOS sensor. The ISO automatic and manually controllable - . The LCD display is . with k dot. It has NEF raw image shooting capability. It has also continuous shooting capability up to fps. This camera designed as like as DSLR camera with scene modes. It includes i-TTL hot shoe flashlight. You can control the flash by a remote. The battery of this camera is . WH. This camera accessory compatible with DSLR camera.

The Nikon Coolpix A series is available two colors. Both colors look elegant. If you select to buy this camera then we can say this is the best choice.

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