Desktop communication for today’s enterprises

Desktop communication for today’s enterprises

Today s employee needs communication devices more than anything to be more efficient and productive. Desktop communication devices like NEC IP phones and digital phones are answers for today s need of communication devices at any workplace.

NEC History

NEC is a Japanese multinational providing IT services and products They provide network and communication services to enterprises. NEC Corporation of America is a leading technology provider of strategic IT and communications solutions.

NEC Phone products

NEC offers a wide range of phones. Its IP and digital phones offeroffer advanced technology for small and medium enterprises. UNIVERGE is a family of desktop phones which are IP and digital terminus for businesses. Spectralink -Series Handsets, which are in building wireless LAN phones, are useful for onsite professionals. DECT PhonesPhones are ideal solution for small and medium enterprises with on site users. Through Softphones one can use advanced audio, video and text features. Universe phones and USB phones help in easy sharing of applications, documents, record calls and useuse it as good as any desktop phones. There are door phones for either residential or commercial properties. It helps in audio and visual monitoring of entrances for security purposes. Along with that, there is cloud-based application suite for NECNEC s IP desktop telephones. There are adapters which can convert UNIVERGE IP desktop phones into wireless phones which can be placed virtually anywhere. NEC IPv adapters allow connection from IP Desktop phones to any IPv only networks. NEC phonesphones also have attendant consoles. They have voice conferencing and recording solutions that allow collaboration with remote locations.


Many customizable options and advanced features are available in NEC phones. High-definition voice featuring the very latest acoustic developments, state-of-the-art technology including touch sensitive controls and a rich and intuitive menu systems, extensive telephony features for TDM and IP, Bluetooth for hands free operation are some of the features available in NEC Phones.

NEC Mobile Phones

Along with desktop phones, NEC has also released lot of mobile phone models. Out of these, E series and N series like E , E are some known models.

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