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NEC Multisync Monitors

Value display Monitor (17”) with LED Backlight
Upgrade and improve your desktop computer without compromising with your financial plan with the 17 inch NEC AccuSync AS172. It is a Light Emitting Diode Backlit LCD monitor which features booming and healthy environmental features like CFM to track the preservation of the green gas discharges and Electron Coupled Oscillator mode for critical power expenditure savings. These benefits, linked and united with a great-contrast screen and an ergonomic design make this monitor perfect for business environments of small to intermediate size.

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Nec Multisync

19 inches Value LED-Backlit Monitor with Built-in speakers

19 inches AccuSync AS192WM desktop monitor by NEC is a Value- compelled, widescreen display with eco-friendly features and mercury-free LED backlight. Perfect for cost- aware clients who need essential technologies, this model proposes a thirty three percent decline in consumption of power and a near twenty percent decline in weight, allowing wall mounting capacity and easy transport. This model is docile and tractable with TCO 6.0 and ENERGY STAR 6.0 and is silver rated by EPEAT.

17 inches LED backlit desktop monitor

Increase your output and work rate while being environmentally affable and amiable with the seventeen inches NEC MultiSyncE171M, an eco- sensible LED backlit LCD desktop monitor which improves the experience of your computing. The LED backlighting of the E171M grants for increased power savings and lighter weight as compared to the earlier gen models, a carbon footprint meter for apprehending the preservation of green gas discharge and Intelligent Power Manager system, i.e. IPM system. These benefits, mixed with an aligning and convenient design make this model perfect for the corporate environments.

20 inch Value IPS desktop monitor with built-in speakers

NEC’s 20 inch AccuSync AS203WMi monitor is a widescreen, value-driven display with eco-friendly features and mercury-free LED backlighting. Perfect for cost- sensible and a cost- watchful client needing necessary technologies, this model has an IPS LCD panel for wide viewing angles and stunning colors. In addition, this feature of display has a headphone jack and integrated speakers for expanded capacity. The AS203WMi is docile and flexible with TCO 6.0 and ENERGY STAR 6.0 and is silver rated by EPEAT.

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