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NEC Laptops dominating the World

Nippon Electric Company widely known as NEC has been the roof of some of the major innovations and technological advancement for the past 100 years for now. NEC has been the electronic heritage of Japan for over a century now. With being established as the first foreign capital enterprise in Japan, it has brought many innovative and technological advancements on the table over all these years. From making one of the first computers to making the personal computer to the fastest supercomputers, NEC has been through many revolution in the field of computers ever since its establishment. Check best prices and reviews about NEC Laptops dominating the World.

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Nec Laptop

Making the First PC:

After NEC’s first breakthrough into transistors and starting its research in the 1950s, which led to the development of the first personal computer made by NEC when they first started their research into computers in 1954. NEC developed its first fully transistorized computer in 1958 with the joint venture with Tokyo University. It was not until 1979 when NEC announced its first PC-8001, the first personal computer, made by NEC. The next generation personal computer was later introduced in 1982. It was no later than 1985 when NEC started their research in the world’s fastest supercomputers.

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Nec Laptop

Making the thinnest and lightest laptop:

In 1991, NEC became the world’s first electronic enterprise to introduce the first notebook sized personal computer with a colored LCD. This decade brought great advancements and majority of the market share to NEC due to its innovation and technology proved to be a milestone in the history of mankind. In 2003, they managed to make circuits for practical quantum computers.
Current Status:

It was not until 2004, till NEC came up with one of the world’s slimmest card shaped mobile phone to the common mass making it a worldwide attraction due to its computer design. Currently, NEC has made a joint venture with Lenovo to come up with the world’s thinnest and lightest laptops of all time. It was not until the start of the new Millennium that NEC was able to obtain the lead in the making of the thinnest and lightest laptops of all times.

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