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NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation is a Japanese international breadwinner of IT (Information Technology) products and services. It has its headquarter in Minato, Tokyo in Japan. The company provides Network and IT solutions to government agencies, communication services providers and business enterprises. NEC corporation was known as’ Nippon Electric company limited’ before re-labeling in the year 1983 as only NEC. The company’s NEC semiconductors unit of business was among the top 20 semiconductor sales leaders internationally before mixing it with Renesas Electronics. The company is also a member of Sumitomo Group.

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Nec Electronics

History of NEC

Takeshiro Maeda and Kunihiko Iwadare founded Nippon Electric Limited Partnership on the date 31st August in the year 1898 by using the abilities which they acquired from Miyoshi Electrical Manufacturing Company. Maeda used to handle the sales of the company and Iwadare served as the representative partner. Western Electric has interest in Japanese phone market and was represented by Walter Tenney Carleton. He was also in charge of the remodeling of the facilities of Miyoshi. It was set that the firm or the alliance would be reconstructed as a joint-stock group when the pact allows it. On 17th July in the year 1899, the corrected and amended past between United States and Japan went into development. NEC Ltd. was arranged the same day with Western Electric Company to be the prime Japanese joint- endeavor with the foreign capital. Kunihiko was made the managing director. Carleton and Ernest Clement were named as the directors. Mototeru Fuji and Maeda were made the auditors. Maeda, Carleton and Iwadare controlled the whole management.

Development of the company

The company began with its sales, production and maintenance of switches and telephones. NEC restored the facilities of production with the Mita Plant construction in the year 1901. It was finished in 1902 December.


The Japanese Ministry of media accepted a new technology in the year 1903: the ordinary battery switchboard outfitted by NEC. The general battery switchboards electrified the subscriber’s phone, wiping out the requirement for a permanent magnet generator in every phone of the subscriber. In the beginning, the switch boards were imported, but they were locally manufactured by 1909.

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