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The incredible split systems

Mitsubishi also features the most incredible split systems that are flexible and highly functional; they are designed to perfectly fit each of the rooms in your house and they are equally affordable. When you mention these split systems, you also have to mention the following; superiority, simplicity and stylish because this is what Mitsubishi is all about.

There are different models available and there is one fact that will always remain intact: they are the best in the market.

Mitsubishi Split System - 1
Mitsubishi Split System

The multi split system

They are one of the best and its models are also incredible and unique:

• Models MX-2D52VA

This model utilizes a 6.1kw heating capacity whereas its cooling capacity is at 5.2Kw; apart from its killer rate, it is highly versatile in that there are several types that you can select from especially if you are interested in the indoor units. Some of the popular types that you can opt for are; the floor console, the ceiling unit, the wall mounted unit and the bulk head unit. With this model, you get the freedom of connecting two indoor units for every outdoor unit.

• Models MXZ-4D71VA

It is large in size and can connect up to four in door units for every outdoor unit; its cooling capacity is set at 7.1Kw while its heating capacity is at 8.0Kw. With this model, you are always guaranteed of the best operating range from cool to warm. There are also multiple types that you can select from depending on what you are interested in.

• Models MXZ-5D100VA

It is unique and its performance is marvelous because of the 10.0kw cooling and heating capacity; you also have the privilege of selecting the type that will suit the interior design of your home and it also has outdoor unit that is compact with its saves spaces. With this model, you can connect up to five indoor units to a single outdoor unit. Its versatility also counts because there are multiple of designs that you can select from; the wall mounted indoor unit for instance is suitable if you are interested in something that is simple but performs well.

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