The best heat pumps

The best heat pumps

Mitsubishi heat pumps are known to be the best because of their performance in fact over the years, they have received the best ratings from its customers. They use the best technological expertise to design them and this is one factor that differentiates them from the rest of the heatheat pump models in the market.

There are different types of the Mitsubishi heat pumps:

The wall mounted heat pumps

They are one of the best because they can be easily mounted on the walls without any difficulties you alsoalso have the privilege the type that will impress you because they are multiple of them:

The designer series

It is one of the unique designs that and it is very efficient when it comes to performance. It isis elegant and also features several colors like black, silver among others.

Classic series

This heat pump will perfectly suit your home regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your home they use comprehensive modes to save energy.


The floor mounted

They are simply designed but their performance is very extensive, there are two main types that you can opt for:

Rapid heat series

It is more of the contemporary type that features sophisticated sensors thatthat help in performance of its function. Its heating performance is amazing because utilizes the shortest time possible.

Rapid heat Hyper core

It will ensure that you are fully represented especially during the winter conditions, its performance is outout of this world in that it is suitable in localities that experience genuinely low temperatures.

Ceiling mounted heat pumps

They are also best performers because regardless of their positioning, they will heat the room to the required temperatures.

The classic series

Their system is automated they have the ability of adjusting its own air speed depending on the temperature in a room.

The deluxe system

It is an advanced type and with its features, it independently controls the amount of heat to be dissipated in a room it also results into even distribution of air throughout the room.

The kitchen series

It is specifically designed for the kitchen, it is very durable and its performance is exquisite. Moreover, it is very easy to maintain and clean.

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