Electric home Fridges

Electric home Fridges

Mitsubishi fridges are designed basing on the latest technologies they have the latest advances that will help in storage and also shield all the stored food against bacteria. In simple terms, they employ the best anti bacterial technology that results into the best electric fridges.

These fridges differ according toto their designs and there are multiple of them that are all functional and unique:

Top mount fridges

There are several series under this category and they all have the best features that will tempt you into purchasing them.

The MR- G-W-A and the MR- G-W-ST-A

They are both tall and narrow and they are perfect for kitchens that have limited floor area. They are also frost free and their ice trays rotate. They also feature glassglass shelves and food liners that are antibacterial. Their chilled casing is perfect and their handle profiles are uniquely designed.

The MR / / L models

They have the best elevating shelves and they also feature amazing colors likelike white and stainless steel. They also have the anti bacterial lining that helps to keep food safe for a long period of time.

Bottom mount Fridges

They also feature a number of models that are perfect performers:

TheThe MR / / models

They all have revolving ice trays and their glass shelves are the two way kind. They have a door alarm and their frost free capabilities are amazing. They have a unique deodorizer filter which isis designed using titanium.

The / L model

They ice making system is automated and they have elevating shelves with sliding chilled cases that are used to store food.

The upright freezer

It is also a Mitsubishi fridge designed with lots of expertise its model is preferred by most household owners because of its capabilities

The MF-U C Upright model

It has freeze mode system that is highly efficient because it works very fast while the external part has a temperature controller that works automatically round the clock. Its drawers are transparent and it is frost free. One amazing fact about this fridge is that it is slim and very compact and its upright styling makes it unique and stands out from the rest of the fridges.

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