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Magnavox is surely a technology corporation launched in the states and also owned these days by simply Philips, a company located in the Netherlands.

Magnavox ended up being launched throughout 1917 by simply Edwin Pradhan and also Philip L. Jensen, creator in the moving-coil loudspeaker two years previous on their own science lab throughout Napa, Colorado. Magnavox later on generated the Odyssey, the globe’s primary property game system.
Magnavox currently is the brand name worn by a type of solutions of Fundi under license from brand seller Philips.

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Soon after their release, Magnavox grew to become a major consumer electronics and also safety corporation. The idea constructed radios, TV sets, and also history gamers. From the sixties Magnavox constructed the primary plasma sections for the military and also for computer system purposes.
Teamed together with Sony, Philips used the Magnavox brand name to be able to introduce the CD-DA typical and also gear for consumer audio using the Magnavox player distributed throughout stores while Sony CDP-101 went along to high-end audio retailers.


Throughout the delayed 1970s the organization unveiled the Odyssey, also referred to as the Philips Video Pac.

From the early on 1980s, Philips combined Sylvania, Philpot and also Magnavox straight into one particular department headquartered throughout Knoxville, TN, using a manufacturing plant throughout Greeneville, Tn. The Sylvania place throughout Batavia, The big apple ended up being closed and also almost all surgical procedures migrated to be able to Greeneville. Philips likewise forgot the Sylvania brand that’s owned by simply Osram.

The safety party, primarily based about Ft Wayne, Indy, continued unbiased underneath the Magnavox Electronic Methods brand, primary under Philips and also later on within the Carlyle Group, until it had been purchased by simply Hughes Electronics throughout 1995. The three areas of business in the MESC procedure in the delayed ’80s and also early on ’90s were being C-Cubed, Electronic Combat, and also Sonobuoys.


The privileges on the Magnavox Company are certainly not owned by simply Philips yet by simply Mistral Ltd, some sort of Hong Kong buying and selling corporation that will utilizes that to trade audio/video gear of the distinct make.

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