The LG Company produced a washing machine with an inbuilt tumble-dryer. These machines have helped greatly in saving time and space because it is one machine with two different capabilities. The user uses less effort because what he/she needs to do is to put the clothes or other garments intointo the machine and wait for them to be washed and dried instantly.

The structure

Most Lg washer dryers are made to be portable so that they can be attached to a sink instead of needing a separate water passage.passage. They can be used to clean fabric and garments such as towels, sheets and clothes. Most of them are designed to function in customizable cycle controls, temperature and ventless systems. The washer dryer are mostly vent less because theythey have two drums that ensures that hot, moist air is forced into the outer drum where there is a condensation process that cools the air and condenses the water vapour out of it. The water is flushed out thethe drain hose to other water lines in the house.You can check best prices and reviews at amazon.com about < -- php echo get the titletitle -->.

Features of the washer dryer

Front loading design

Most lg washer dryers have the front loading design which ensures that the clothes or any other garment in the drums are repeatedly turned in the water throughout thethe washing and the drying process.

Automatic sensors and systems
The washer dryers have a number of sensors and systems to control the washing and the drying cycle. These sensors can monitor water levels, temperature levels and the dryness of the clothes and other garments which can be washed in the washer dryer.

Child lock systems

Nearly all the washer dryers from lg have children lock systems that prevent children from accessing the machine so as to ensure there is maximum safety for the children and also prevent the machine from faultiness.


Lg is nearly the only company that makes full size washer-dryers. The washing capacity in these dryers is bigger than the drying capacity. The amount of garments a washer dryer can wash and dry varies depending on the size of the machine.


These machines are the best in places where space is an issue for instance their height is suitable to fit into places like cabinets and underneath sinks.

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