2007 and the LG Viewty that was

LG has been one of the most innovative electronics manufacturers out there, and this is what has largely contributed to its success and popularity as well. However, just looking at what LG offers at present is not enough to understand that fact- a look at whatwhat LG made and created in the past can give you a clear insight into that as well. One such example of the same lies in the LG-KU , popularly known as the LG Viewty.

What Viewty Was

The LGLG Viewty was a candybar styled mobile phone released in . The main selling point of Viewty was focused at a MP digital camera, which came along with a host of features. Some of the most widely publicized features thatthat came with it included Xenon flash, Schneider Kreuznach Optics, a digital image stabilize as well as autofocus. Unlike most camera phones in , it came along with a highly advanced camera, and had high-sensitivity modes as well as SmartSmart Light to get clear images in the dark as well.
If what LG said is to be believed, than it was the first camera with a frame rate high enough to capture a balloon bursting as well

Apart from the camera, the Viewty also had Flash Lite , Java . and a number of built-in apps like web browser, PDF viewer and Office among others.

Limitations, reviews and what followed

While it featured multimedia capabilities thatthat were comparatively better than the phones in , it had its set of limitations including a poor battery life. However, it still had better than average sales with over , sold in Europe within weeks of its launch. Scattered reports indicated it as selling more sets than Apple s iPhone. The Viewty, however, was not released in the United States.

An updated model of the Viewty was released in , which featured a new camera. The new camera dropped a few features of its predecessor and added some new ones as well. However, that didn t receive such a stellar response and was slowly replaced by other smarter phone models.

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