LG USA: A Brand You Can Trust Upon

LG USA: A Brand You Can Trust Upon

LG is a market leader in the consumer electrical sector. From televisions, mobile phones, smart watches, too many other home appliances, LG has turned out to play an important role in a consumer s everyday life. The company has four business units, Home appliances, Mobile Communications, Home Entertainment, and ComponentsComponents of Vehicle. It has over worldwide operations and employs more than , people.

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LG s USA headquarter is located in Englewood Cliffs. It was built to pursue the companycompany s vision to make themselves the world leader in the digital world. It is the company s vision to ensure customer satisfaction with the help of innovative products and optimal service to ensure that LG is among the worldworld s top five information, electronics and telecommunication firm. The company believes that, in order to create a great company, you also need great people in your team. And LG strives to achieve this by focusing on capabilities, like achievingachieving a leadership with its products, market, and the people involved in attaining fast and lasting growth.

Growth Strategies

LG USA believes that attaining fast innovations in the latest technologies, provides them with an edge over its competitors. It strivesstrives to achieve at least of growth with the help of the latest innovations. LG USA tries to achieve it by developing new products, experimenting with latest designs and technologies, and also by working on innovative sales and marketing strategies. It believes that by implementing fast innovations and products with the latest features, it can achieve monetary growth, which is very well seen in the sales growth across the world.

Greenpeace Record

Apart from attaining substantial growth in every quarter, LG is also ranked at the th spot in the Greenpeace s Electronics guide among top firms. It has also earned Energy Star Partner of the Year award by the Environmental Protection Agency of USA.

LG s Green program is designed to reduce the environmental impact of the products and manufacturing units of LG. It has a goal to reduce the emission of gases that harm the environment by working on innovative technologies for its products, production units, while also promoting a culture of using low carbon. Moreover, they plan to achieve this while also ensuring that their customers experience an optimal quality of life with the help of its innovative and eco-friendly products.

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