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Review: LG Televisions

The Company:

LG Corporation which was earlier known as Lucky Goldstar is a South Korean firm which nowadays has become one of the leading MNC’s in the world. It has its headquarters in Seoul. It was started in 1958 and has been a leading force since then in the digital era and still continues to prove its mettle in the 21st century as a global company.

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Launch of LG Televisions:

In the recent years LG has made a huge progress in increasing its reputation as an electronics manufacture in the recent years to increase its reputation in the market. LG also took a huge step in showing it dominance by beating its biggest rival Samsung in various fields. Lg produces huge range of TV sets ranging from small tv sets for the kitchen to huge TV’s suitable for home cinema.

The Televisions Sets:

LG has surely been living up to its reputation which has increased tremendously in the recent years. It has TVs which are very good and deliver high quality images to the customer. The wide range of TVs includes many kind of different models like plasma, lcd, led, smart and 3d television sets. Like its competitors it is producing TVs with 4k technology which are far clearer than Had TVs.

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LG also produces a set of different kind of TVs that come with a different type of screen technology which is called as OLED.

What Customers thinks:

People find the televisions from this company being very reasonable in price and coming with good built quality that provides with a good watching experience .Other than this it has also won many awards and that too in various categories. Apart from this people find that there is one drawback-many customers complain that the LG TVs are not easy to use and that they are not the company is criticized for making television that are not so easy to use.

With all this said the final word will be that you can go ahead and choose any of the TVs that the company produces and you can be tension free about the product you will be buying.

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