A Briefing on LG Television

A Briefing on LG Television

About LG Televisions

LG is a Korean company, dealing in a variety of electronic products ranging from mobile phones, washing machine to microwave ovens and television. LG Televisions have been producing quality products for its consumers, with innovative features. Lately, the company has been producing OLED Televisions, making aa mark in the panel industry.

Range of LG Televisions

The company produces almost all types of televisions, including common type televisions and feature rich ones. Below is a list of types of televisions the company is currently dealing with:


LCDs/LEDs: The product under this category are offered in a variety of sizes and models to choose from. The size of the screen starts from inches and goes all the way to inches.

D: LG TelevisionTelevision is one of the first companies to step into D television has been producing real D panels.

Plasma: The Company has been producing these for a while. A main feature of these televisions is that they do notnot take up much space.

K: The Company recently stepped up its game and entered K market. K resolution televisions were unveiled at the CES . The company is neck to neck with SONY in this department.

Smart TVs: A custom operating system, i.e. webOS has been developed specifically for LG products, including TVs that provides a ton of useful features at disposal.

Super Ultra HD: This range consists of TVs fitted with K andand D capabilities in one single unit. More information can be found on the official website.

Noteworthy televisions

Televisions are categorized into their respective categories for providing a better understanding of the readers.

Plasma: The LG television PB B definitely takes a lead in price segment and feature list.

K: Model number UC T is the best offering of LG. The TV rocks a K display, though categorized in K.

D: LB TV has an edge in features over other TVs in the lot, which makes it worth a look.

Plasma: PB is the best packed television in terms of features and color reproduction.

OLED: Both EA and EC OT are equivalent in feature richness, however, the former looks better aesthetically.

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