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Lg Tablet

Lg Tablet

Operating Software:

It uses Android 5.0, Lollipop that provides you opportunity to experience new interface and satisfy all your needs. Moreover, the 4800 mAh battery give you long talking hours and usage time, so the consumers are satisfied and can rely on its battery. These tablets can be taken out on the long journeys as well and on business trips due to powerful battery and no requirement to charge every time.

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Big Screen:

LG Tablets gives you about 8 inch screen that enables to watch your favorite downloaded and online videos / movies on wider screen and big characters. The screen gives ultra High definition result and color resolutions are remarkably out of the mind. Clean and clear pictures with all the natural colors can be visualized and is going to win your loyalty towards LG.


LG brings another marvelous innovation in the tablet market. It introduces the stylish tablet phones that take you in another world of innovations and technology. The technology is traveling faster to nation to nation and all computers are getting smaller but rich in functions and features. LG Tablets are such examples.

Processor is Powerful:

LG tablets provide you 1.7 GHz powerful processor with Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor. It will enable users to have uninterrupted web browsing, games, mails checking, playing videos, songs, and all gadgets.

Privacy Concept:

LG tablets provide users with option to make users and passwords system to maintain their privacy on their tablets. The Guest User option is available when you desire to give your tablet to your friend or any other family member for usage. You can sit relax while your LG tablet is in other hands, your data is completely safe and out of reach from any other user.

Multi-Tasking Nature:

These tablets are multi-tasking and you have opportunity to open atleast two application windows at the same time. The screen split into two and you can see the both on your screen at the same time. The window size of each program is adjustable according to your need.

There are various models for the LG Tablets like “VK 815”, V 480 Black”, “V 495”, LK 430 White / Black”, “V 496”, etc. All LG tablets include basic features that


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