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LG Software Update for Mobile Phones

From electronics to the world of smartphones, LG is a brand that is known to manufacture world-class products with the latest in technology. Even though LG entered the world of smartphones pretty late, it has slowly but steadily gained an integral position in the smartphone market. Especially with handsets like LG G3, LG G4, LG Magna, and G Flex, it has been able to deliver the latest to the masses.

Lg Software - 1

LG’s mobile phones work on the Android operating system, and LG is one of those companies that is quick to release the software update for its mobile phones. LG software updates can infuse new life to your LG smartphones and can boost its productivity. With Android 5.0 Lollipop already in the market, LG has started offering a software update to its smartphone users. If you are one of those, who is still thinking about upgrading your operating system, this article will make you understand the benefits involved in doing so.

1. Battery Changes

The battery life of smartphones is given high priority in the latest update. After updating your LG smartphones to the latest software, you can see a small graph that shows how much more time will your battery last and when plugged into a charger it’ll also show how long will it take to completely charge the battery.

2. Flashlight

Just like the iOS, now android users too have an inbuilt flashlight in their smartphones. If there is an an LED flash, you simply need to pull down the notification panel of your LG smartphone and there you have it, inbuilt flashlight without the use of any 3rd party application.

3. Notification Panel

The notification panel has been made much simpler. There is also another feature which will now allow you to easily view your notifications on the lock screen itself. If you have any privacy issues at the office or at home, you can also disable this feature from the settings.

4. Multitasking

The crying need of the modern world, multitasking has been made much easier in the new LG software update for Android smartphones.

5. Trusted places

This is another innovative feature that has been added to the latest LG smartphones. The majority of the smartphone users has passwords to unlock their phone. But when you are finally in a familiar place, like your home or even a car, it is rather tedious to enter password to unlock phone every now and then. Well, with this new feature you can eliminate this problem easily. With trusted places feature you can declare familiar places as safe and the lock will be automatically disabled up to the time you stay in that trusted place. Once you move out, the password lock is active again.

If you have a LG smartphone, then the latest LG software update is the thing for you. It is designed to meet the requirements of every individual in this modern world with it easier, faster and innovative features.

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